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Recieve the COVID-19 Vaccine (Moderna)

Updated 5/10/2021

We are offering the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to our patients who are 18 years of age and older, as well as their family members who are also over 18.

Please make an appt by clicking here (we will call you after you fill the form) or by calling us at (212) 233-2266 or by emailing us at


You can make one Covid-19 vaccine appointment for all family members (who live with you). We have to observe you for 15 minutes after your vaccine where family members can remain in the same exam room.


If you are NOT a patient of Soho Otolaryngology

  • Be prepared to complete a registration form if you had never been to Soho Otolaryngology as a patient (only for first shot appt).

  • Please bring your ID, or email it to


  • Please complete this NYC DOH form for every person who is receiving the vaccine; show us the completed page before we administer the vaccine.

  • These are some side effects with the vaccine.


新版 5/10/2021


請給我們致電 (212) 233-2266,或发送电子邮件至 約時間打疫苗。 一家人可以可以一起同時間預約打疫苗。




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