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High Quality Ear, Nose, and Throat Care

Dr. Amy Wu is able to provide quality care for you and your family's ear, nose, and throat needs.

Whether it be a stuffy nose, sore throat, ear pain or hoarse voice, we at Soho Otolaryngology will be able to help you on the road to recovery. 

With Dr. Wu's professional evaluation, you will have a thorough examination, explanation of underlying diseases and choices for treatment.


A fully-equipped fiberoptic flexible narrow diameter camera allows Dr. Wu to perform a comprehensive endoscopy of the nose, throat, and vocal cords. High-quality microscopes provide a clear view of the ear canal, presenting the smallest details to the attention of the doctor.

The office is equipped to perform various biopsies, ear procedures, and other procedures that will help further your care and treatment


Dr. Wu can help with various problems of the ear such as ear wax, infections and even hearing loss. The office is able to clean out wax using a state of the art vacuum system that causes little to no discomfort. Dr. Wu is trained to identify what type of infections you may have and form a proper plan of treatment for your recovery. Even hearing loss inquires can be started with the office due Dr. Wu being able to start you evaluation by determining the type of hearing loss you may have and if the problem can be solved in the office. Hearing test referrals can also be provided by the team for a deeper evaluation.


Patients can come in for congestion, nose-bleeding, sinusitis, or even a general evaluation to see if one's breathing can be better. Dr. Wu examines not just the nose itself, but the various sinuses that exist with her fiber-optic scope. Her training and years of experience allows her to quickly and efficiently perform an endoscopic evaluation that will kick-start your journey towards improvement. Depending on the underlying problem the team will assist in scheduling for a nasal biopsy, immunotherapy for allergies, medications, or even sleep studies for possible sleep apnea. Dr. Wu medical knowledge allows her to offer multiple solutions for out patient's many possible needs.


To start evaluating the throat, a clear view must be seen. An initial laryngoscopy can provide insight on what is happening when a patient comes in with a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, or vocal hoarseness. Dr. Wu can guide you through what is going on and provide you with the best treatment. The office is able to provide you referrals for speech and swallow therapy, or lab testing to see if a sore throat could be an infection. However, one of the things the Dr. Wu is most acclaimed for among her patients, is a procedure that she performs herself when it comes to hoarseness. Dr. Wu is trained to perform a surgery for certain cases of hoarseness of the vocal cords that will allow patients to have a clear and pristine voice again. Dr. Wu's precision with vocal cord surgeries leaves no further damage so you wouldn't have to worry. 

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