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Allergies and Allergy Relief

Soho Otolaryngology is also providing help for allergic diseases.

Skin allergy testing can be performed in the office, testing for multiple outdoor allergies such as trees, grasses and weeds, as well as indoor allergies such as dust mites, cats and dogs. Testing can also be performed for food allergies such as shellfish, tree nuts, eggs, and more. The office is always looking to expand on allergy testing so patients can have more options and more likely to be treated properly when it comes to their allergies. 

We are also able to help you get started on allergy desensitization immunotherapy such as allergy shots which can be performed in the office by Dr. Wu. 

There is also the newer form of immunotherapy that allows for better convenience for our patients. 

It is a called Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy (SLIT), and it comes in the form of liquid drops which our patients would be able to apply at home regularly. Published data suggests SLIT has the same efficacy as injection therapy, similarly desensitizes patients but may be safer and achieve desensitization sooner than via subcutaneous injections. Pain-free, needle-free and self administered daily at home, SLIT is easily a better alternative for most of our patients. 

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